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Hmmm….big word.

How Can Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Help You?

We are so busy with our lives that sometimes we overlook the really important stuff until it sneaks up and bites us.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Other Things That Really Work

As a species, we are always looking for more and more complex ways of dealing with problems, on the premise that complex is better.  And (yes, my mother did tell me not to start a sentence with “and”), if the message is coming from a person in a fine suit with letters after his name, well, even better.  Think about that.  Degrees are about learning what has been.   Perhaps you would be better served looking at what can be.  Few people tend to look outside the conventional box (or start sentences with “and”).

Alzheimer’s Disease Kills More People than Breast and Prostate Cancer Combined

Marge and Ernie arrived after an epic journey from way down South.  From the outset I could sense a devoted couple.  Marge did most of the talking.

Beating Cancer Naturally is Bloody Hard

I was at one of those highfalutin events, where men that look like penguins bring champers that taste different to my $10 supermarket specials. Beautiful women, that do not feel the cold, bring around platters of food that I do not recognise as food.

Alzheimer’s is Preventable and Reversible

When I first heard these words, I got excited. At the time I was the CEO of a research and development organisation looking for new and innovative therapies that would change the health of the planet.

What is all the Fuss About Personalised Medicine?

The next time you are in a public place and have some time to kill, take a look at the people around you. See if you can find two identical people. HINT: you won’t. In fact, on this planet of 7 billion people, you will not find two identical people. The bright sparks among you will be wondering about twins. The answer is no, even twins have huge differences.

Could Heavy Metals Be Driving Your Health Problems?

Colleen was one of our “difficult “ clients.

What Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments Can Do For You

“I see you have a new toy”, said my landlord. He was referring to my hard shell hyperbaric chamber.

What is Adrenal Fatigue? What Can You Do About It?

Adrenals are a pair of little glands that sit above your kidneys. They are one of those body parts that you do not pay a lot of attention to until they let you down. Actually it is more of a case of you letting them down.

What A Tragic Waste Of Time, Money and Effort

There is not much I regret in my life, but right up there with getting dumped by Mary Jane, in primary school, are my years as a CEO of one of the largest non-governmental health providers.

You are only As Strong As your Weakest Link

I was listening to one of the great integrated doctors of our time: Dr Eric Braverman. He said, “ I am going to say something of great importance and I want you to remember it”. He jumped up on to a chair, threw his tie around his neck and said “You are only as strong as your weakest link”.

The Way it Should Be For Optimum Health 

I was just dwelling on why anyone would call their child “Archibald”, when Archie (his preferred name) bounced into the surgery.

Anyone For Another Helping of Anti Depressants?  

A few years ago, a good friend of mine, Mar, went to see her doctor about her lack of energy, motivation and generally feeling down. After a few standard tests, she was pronounced “well” and given some “mood support”. The mood support was a common anti depressant (an SSRI, that works with serotonin in the body).

Who Was Carey Reams… And Why Should You Care?

Dr Carey Reams was a brilliant scientist, biochemist and nutritionist, who was fascinated by the health of all living things. He worked with the Dr Einstein: two very smart dudes.

“So, What Are You Doing To Make Sure That The ………….. Does Not Come Back Again?

Fill in the gap with any condition you like: cancer, heart attack, diabetes (yes, Type 2 diabetes can be reversed), lupus and on it goes.

Why is it that all of a sudden men do not see me? It is like I am invisible.

In the world of naturopathy, Anne was half way through her life. She was 55.

“All Disease Begins in the Gut”….Hippocrates, 201 AD

I so wish I had said this first, but Hippo got the jump on me. He was born in 460 BC and is the father of modern medicine.

Why I am Getting So Many Exercise Related Injuries?

In my practice I am seeing a growing number of serious and not so serious athletes who are succumbing to injuries. What is that about?

How Do I know if My Child Has an Eating Disorder and if so What Should I do?

There are three categorises of eating disorders. This article focuses on the most insidious and dangerous of them: Anorexia Nervosa (AN). It is now the third most common long-term illness among teenagers.