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The Way it Should Be For Optimum Health 

I was just dwelling on why anyone would call their child “Archibald”, when Archie (his preferred name) bounced into the surgery.

Normally I can look at someone and see signs of deficiencies and imbalances, but this guy looked pretty darn good.

“How are you?”  I greeted.

“Really good thanks and I want to stay that way. That is why I am here”.

For a moment I faced east and nearly wet myself. This was the client I have been waiting for my entire career. His next words confirmed this.

“Look, I know the stats: 1 in 2 people get cancer, 1 in 4 die from it, 1 in 3 people die from cardiovascular disease, 12.5 years in dependent care before death and nearly everyone will suffer from some chronic condition. I want to get the most out of my life, each and every day. I want to live it to the fullest, now and in my latter years”

By now, I was whimpering, shedding tears of joy. There was sanity among madness.

We ran a series of specially designed test for Archie. Overall he did extremely well. He had a slight zinc deficiency, his stomach acid was low, his pH was slightly off and he had parasites. There was nothing in the results that indicated he was in ill health, but the deficiencies and imbalances were signs of things that could, over time, develop into disease.

Archie was overjoyed with the findings. We tweaked his diet and exercise routine and made an appointment to check his status in three months time.

This is the way we should look after our most precious gift, health. We do it for our cars. We think nothing of putting our cars in for a service and check up every few months, yet we do not afford our bodies the same luxury. Would you rather pay $400 for a service or $4,000 for a new engine? Would you rather pay $1000 to stay in good health or $40,000 for chemotherapy?

When I put this analogy to one of my clients with high blood pressure, high cholesterol pre diabetes, and erectile dysfunction, he replied “Well Clive, I put the dollars into the car, because I need to take me from A to B”…..Oh really? Now think about that.

In this country, we are fixated with disease, not health. Our whole health system is aimed at the sick, not at keeping well. We spend billions on trying to bring people back to health, when it would be so much simpler and cheaper to just keep them there. It is not just the dollars, it is the pain, suffering and loss.

Now here is a radical idea. What about showing your body the same respect you show your car and allow it to serve you faithfully into a healthy, pain free and happy later life.

At bewell, we can test and show you your wellness status and what you can do to improve it.

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