The following tests make up the various programs and consultations. Each program is designed to suit the specific needs of the individual and may consist of a combination of case history, enquiry and tests. The results will show what is going on inside the body. There are additional tests/examinations that are available for specific conditions or to explore particular avenues further.

Brain Gauge

The brain gauge is a computer program that the client interacts with to provide information in terms of brain speed, memory, sensitivity, coordination, accuracy, plasticity and corticalmetrics. It is used before and after treatments to measure improvements in brain function for such conditions as stroke recovery. It is most commonly used in combination with a therapy such as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

Breast Thermography

Breast thermography is a physiological test that provides information on temperature and infrared heat patterns of the breast. Because the skin naturally emits thermal radiation (heat), it is well suited to infrared imaging. Thermography can indicate the onset of structural changes that can occur in diseased states. detect breast abnormalities that other screening methods cannot identify, namely thermal and vascular changes. The increased metabolic activity seen on a breast thermogram can be an indication of changes to breast health.

Case Notes

A full case history, together with your goals provides the basis for investigating causes as opposed to symptoms and further refines the investigation process.

ETA Scan

The ETA scan started its life as part of the space program, but has since developed a life far beyond that.

A scan is conducted measuring the frequency of various parts of your body, including organs, blood, cells, and chromosomes. Those frequencies are compared to stored calculated optimum frequencies.  It identifies areas of low energy, long before disease occurs.

This is just the start of what ETA can do. It can analyse what is going on in your body from a number of perspectives and at different levels. It determines causes of imbalance. It works at an energy level, restoring energy to key areas to promote healing.

It encompasses most natural therapies and examines their effectiveness and compatibility with individual optimum healing.

Gastrointestinal Function

This test looks at bacteria activity in the gastrointestinal tract (gut), particularly looking for digestion problems, toxicity issues and explanations for any gut issues.

Genetic Testing and Analysis

You are born with a set of genes. These genes determine your potential for wellness or sickness.  Your genes are not your destiny. Your destiny is determined by environmental factors interacting with genes. They are invaluable in determining your predispositions and more importantly, how to avoid the undesirable and enhance the desirable

Heart Math

The Heart Math measure the variability between heartbeats and this can shed valuable information on the body’s ability to cope with stress, energy levels, brain activity, the physical state of the body, auras, meridians and the doshas. It is a useful tool to measure progress.

Hemaview Live Blood Analysis

Now this is very cool. You get to see your own live blood cells in action on the screen (yes, we do need to prick your finger for a couple of drops of your blood – sorry). By looking at their size, shape, associations, ratios, structures and proportions of different cells, we can glean a huge amount of information. This information includes: early warning signs of disease, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, inflammation, free radical damage, allergies, toxicity overload, hydration, immune function and presence of parasites, bacteria and viruses.

Iridology Photo Analysis and Report

The eyes are the picture into the body, with nerve endings from most body parts appearing in the iris. An iridology reading can give valuable information regarding current and past issues and potential weaknesses. Your condition may indicate a cursory reading or photographs of the iris and a detailed analysis.

The eyes are captured via microscopic photography and a full analysis conducted, the results of which are outlined in a full report.

Mineral Absorption

A test will be given to see how you are assimilating key minerals.

Oligoscan Heavy Metal and Mineral Test

This test checks levels of heavy metal toxicity and mineral deficiencies or excesses. It uses spectrophotometry to measure the wavelengths of the various substances.

Heavy metals can block many pathways in the body. By identifying the heavy metals, it can provide the key to treatment to remove these blockages.

Mineral deficiencies are also at the root of many imbalances and the Oglioscan provides a summary of deficiencies and excesses.

Physical Exam

This is a non-invasive examination with your clothes on. The body exhibits vitamin, mineral and macronutrient deficiencies as well as hormone imbalances. These show up as signs in the hands, feet (you may need to remove shoes and socks), neck, face and hair. There are over 300 signs that will be checked for. For examples do your fingernails have half moons? Are they spoon shaped? Do they have white flecks? Do they have vertical lines? Are they flattened and box shaped? Are they spoon shaped? Your body is talking to you. These body signs will be double checked in other tests. Blood pressure, temperature and pulse are routinely taken.

Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA)

QRA tests the bio energetic status of the body’s key organs and glands. It looks at the body from the perspective of energy medicine. It provides insight to determine and address the underlying causes of health concerns.


One or more questionnaires provides details of your lifestyle, existing conditions, issues and diet. The results of the questionnaires are fed into a database, which will highlight possible and probable areas for further investigation. By providing this information in advance, it saves valuable consultation time by highlights health issues.

Ream’s Biological Theory of Ionisation (RBTI)

This is an amazing test that gives a wide range of valuable information. It tests your urine and saliva samples and gives information about your acid and alkaline levels, energy levels, ability to digest and assimilatinge minerals and nutrients, sugar levels, salt levels, your body’s requirement for water, how your body is dealing with cellular waste, how well protein is being broken down, how well your body is disposing of toxins, any parasite infestations and other deficiencies and problems.

The extensive benefits are why bewell has gone to the efforts to become a registered RBTI testing facility. bewell is the only New Zealand provider of this test.

Learn more about RBTI.


To check functionality of your thyroid, which controls your metabolism and a wide range of bodily functions.

Touch For Health / Kinesology

This is a modality that tests and then balances the body. Once the body is balanced, it can set about healing itself in the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental realms.

Vitality, Longevity, & Healthy Ageing Analysis

This test involves a bio impedance analysis and looks at the key biological markers of aging. It provides information regarding body composition, cellular health, energy storage and metabolic rate. It will assess your biological age compared to your chronological age and is a key measure to plot your wellness improvements.