Your treatment plan is tailored to your needs, based on the results of testing and your goals. We also run generic programs such as fat loss, anti-aging, energy plus, stress less and sports performance. These generic programs are tweaked to take account of your individual metabolism.

In all cases, your treatment begins with a detailed consultation.


The consultation process

While some people choose to only have one consultation for a specific test or issue, we strongly recommend the wellness program which consists of two consultations. This program provides a much more comprehensive wellness analysis and result.

The work starts before the face-to-face consultation. You are asked to fill out one or more questionnaires and a diet sheet. These are analyzed both by a database and manually to provide focus to the upcoming consultation. A variety of tests may be recommended specific to your needs.

The first consultation involves going over the results of the questionnaire(s), the taking of a full case history, and a wide rage of clinical tests and natural therapy investigations. Urine, saliva and blood samples may be required. The exact tests are determined by your goals, existing symptoms and key indicators.

Between the first and second consultation you may be required to monitor some body functions and conduct some in-home tests. During this time, the testing protocols on your samples are completed.

At the second consultation, the results of the tests are fully explained and drawn together into a full treatment plan, which may be based on lifestyle, diet, herbs, exercise, emotional therapy and nutrients.

Note: For people coming from out of town, the whole process can be completed in two days, with testing on the first day and the feedback session on the second day.

Cases involving specific diseases and conditions may need ongoing treatment and therapies. In any event, we advise quarterly visits where selective testing measures your ongoing progress against your own and peer benchmarks. Remember this a new model of health.  It is about staying well, not waiting to get sick.