We accept that stress is part of our everyday lives, but no one told our bodies.  Our bodies have developed to deal with short sharp stress and then a calm in between. For example, the classic sabre tooth tiger would evoke a fight or flight response and then after the tiger was killed or the person had got away, bodily systems returned to normal (unless of course, the tiger ate them). Today, we have chronic stress. Our lives are full of constant stressors. Being in a constant state of fight or flight upsets the bodies systems and causes a cascade of events that result in dis ease, inflammation and weight gain. Stress is cumulative and has been linked to most serious conditions.

Case Study

Kate found herself getting more and more anxious and tense. Things that she would once take in her stride were consuming her entirely. She had tried a few things to “chill out” but she could not let things go. She started the six-week stress less program. We worked specifically on her hormone levels, inflammation in her body and balancing her thyroid. She took a variety of herbs and supplements to support her body. We made radical changes to her diet and introduced a graduated exercise program. At the end of the six weeks, she was much improved and was able to take things more in her stride. Her cortisol levels had dropped and this facilitated weight loss that had previously eluded her. She reported that she previously could not still her mind from worrying thoughts, which ruined her sleep and dragged her down, but that this was no longer an issue.