This program has been designed for people who find themselves lacking energy and having to drag themselves through the day or parts of it. In the human body, energy is manufactured in the mitochondria in the cells. They are referred to as the powerhouse of the body. There are a number of factors that can interfere with the efficient function of the mitochondria, such chronic stress, oxidative stress, inflammation, toxicity and nutrient imbalances.  The energy plus program works at a cellular level to increase energy and well-being.

Case Study

Marion was an ambitious young executive. She worked long hours, often ate on the run, but usually managed to fit a gym session in, as looking good was important to her. Recently she had noticed that she had no energy. She said that some mornings, she literally could not get out of bed. Caffeine drinks and sugar helped, but then she would crash. Her tiredness was impacting on her ability to do her job, with late starts and some days with no start at all.

A full case history revealed that Marion had had two major stresses in her life in the last 12 months: a divorce and the loss of a parent. This was on top of her demanding lifestyle. It appeared that her body had had enough and burnt out. The testing process revealed just this. Her key hormones were out of balance, in fact reversed to some extent. Marion was relieved to hear this, as her GP had run a number of tests and told her that there was nothing wrong. He had recommended an anti-depressant.

Marion was looking for a quick fix. We assured her that there was not one, but that she could recover if she followed a proven plan to take her to wellness. Marion sought several other opinions, looking for a quick fix. She eventually returned to the clinic to try our protocol. We started the plan immediately. We did need to enlist the help of her GP to prescribe some melatonin to help her sleep (melatonin is produced naturally in the body and aids sleep). Marion followed the plan; she made the recommended lifestyle changes, took the supplements, did the graduated exercise plan and followed the diet.

Marion noticed a change in her energy levels at the three-week mark. She was tempted to increase her work hours but was cautioned that she would again plummet. She stuck to the routine and noticed a slow but steady return to normality in terms of her sleep pattern and energy levels. It took a full 12 months for Marion to return to her former self.

Note: This is an extreme case of no energy: adrenal fatigue. Different programs are available to optimise flagging energy levels.