First, let me say that I hate “Terms and Conditions”. Here I am seeking to establish a deep and meaningful relationship with another human being on a healing journey and I am talking about terms and conditions. My sole focus is on getting people to their goals. Out of thousands of clients, we have had one nasty incident. My lawyer and good friend assures me that I need to move into the real world to avoid having to defend the following matters.


We expect you to be upfront and honest with us, as we will with you. If you think that something does not fit with what you believe or have been told, you need to tell us. We will provide the relevant research to support our position. We will fully inform you about what we are able to do. If we cannot do something, we will refer you to whom we believe will best serve your interests.

Emergency Services

We are not an emergency service. If you are experiencing acute symptoms, you need to contact your doctor or a hospital. They are government funded and equipped to handle emergency situations. We are not.

Responses to Queries

You may have questions and it is important that they are answered. For you it may be one or two emails, looking for an answer. For us, it is in excess of 175 plus emails every day. Each email requires reference to your file, research, and then a response. Consults over emails are also just not best practice. Instead, we suggest getting all your questions together, and booking a short phone or online consultation to discuss them. It helps to send your questions in advance to allow any required research.

There will be an additional charge for the phone/online consultation to cover the research and discussion time.

Consultations and Tests

We do our best to meet individual requirements and provide you with the information you need for each step of your health journey, however you also need to do your own research. Please have a look at how we work and what we do and make sure it fits with your expectations. Please visit our website and research our philosophy, what we do and how we do it to make sure it fits for you.

Cancellation Policy

You are important to us. We prepare for your consultation and have everything ready before you arrive. This incurs costs in terms of staff, tests, consultation and database feeds. If you are unable to make your appointment please give us at least 24 hours notice, the more notice the better! If you let us know, we can fit someone else in. Many of clients on our waiting list are terminal. Unfortunately, because we still incur costs associated with your consultation, if you do not show we charge you a “no show” fee.

Payment Methods

We accept Cheques, Internet bank deposit and payment by credit card. Payment by credit card does incur an additional bank charge.


Because we are at a Rural Delivery address post does take longer to arrive to us and to arrive when we send it out. We ask that you please give us as much notice when you do require supplements so we have enough time to order them in if necessary and get them out to you. The destination and size of the package determines the courier costs.

Prices and Currency Disclaimer

While we do our best to offer affordable prices we are guided by our own costs i.e. database fees, cost of equipment used and cost of supplements. You can find a current price list at our website: www.bewell.net.nz. We do appreciate prompt payment, as we are a small clinic that runs on a small margin and need to pay supplement and database fees upfront. If invoices are not paid within this period without any prior arrangement we will unfortunately have to seek council from the disputes tribunal and go from there.

Hours at the Clinic

The hours at the clinic do vary but someone is generally here between 10 am and 4 pm. If the phone is not answered, it means that we are meeting someone else’s needs. We do provide services in other places.

Booking your appointment

If you do wish to book an appointment, please be aware there is a bit of a wait, generally 8-10 weeks. Current and terminal clients get preference. The more notice we have that you require an appointment the more likely we are to be able to fit you in when you desire.

Placing an Order

As mentioned above it can sometimes take a while for us to be able to get supplements due to our Rural Delivery situation and supplements can sometimes be put on backorder. The more notice we have that you are in need of a product the more likely it is that we will be able to get a hold of some before you run out.


Supplements can be obtained directly from the bewell clinic or from suppliers (we will open an account or set up a script for you to purchase directly). If you need supplements from multiple suppliers, we can source these for you.

While we do usually stock standard supplements in our clinic we do not have control over when supplements go on back order with our suppliers. When this happens, if we can, we will organise substitutes to avoid disturbance of your plan but unfortunately there are not substitutes for everything so we appreciate your patience when this occurs.

Supplements need to be paid for on pick up or before couriered out