• Your body is complex and has a number of systems performing different functions. Our goal is to maximize your wellness. To do that we need to know exactly what is going on in your body and all the key systems and functions. Then and only then can we maximize your wellness. There will be one or more underlying factors causing your symptoms or robbing you of your wellness potential. Remember this is a different philosophy of health. It is not a once over lightly, it is a comprehensive look at exactly what is going on inside you. A great deal of research has gone into compiling these tests.

  • That is up to you. You have your treatment plan or an on-going plan. This plan is your blueprint to your desired goal. We recommended that you have some key tests quarterly to plot your progress and ensure that you are on track. Some people want more frequent information on particular aspects of their progress, for example on how their biological age is progressing against their chronological age or whether their body’s assimilation of mineral has continued to improve. These one-off tests can easily be arranged.

  • I have given free talks on a variety of conditions such as autism, ADHD, mental illness, healthy eating, sports nutrition, avoiding cancer and a host of others. The community talks are free as long as the group can source a venue. The corporate talks include individual testing and wellness plans and attract a cost.

  • First, it needs to be said that this path is scientifically validated, so in that sense it is approved by convention. Most people come to this path because the conventional paths that they have already tried have failed and they want something that works. Most doctors know nothing about anti-aging or sports nutrition or indeed wellness. They focus mainly on sickness, the symptoms of sickness and a drug response. We focus on wellness, the causes of sickness and a response that supports the body to heal itself.

    The majority of clients are referrals from other clients.

  • I believe that the greatest gift you can receive is not just “not being sick”, but maximizing your wellness potential. The gifting program is about giving someone you care about a program, with full testing, results and a treatment plan. You contact us and we send the person a gifting certificate with details of the person who cared enough about them to make the effort, or if you would like something with a bit more flair, we are happy to work with you.

  • Absolutely delighted. This is how it should be; your team working together for your wellness. Our job is to serve you. All copies of tests will be sent to your practitioner of choice, at your request.

  • You cannot be sure and I cannot guarantee you a cure. I can only point to the validity of the testing protocols and my track record. Please read the testimonials.

  • Some of the tests are the same and if you think about it, every aspect of wellness or performance involves the body functioning at optimum levels. We work with the body to achieve this status. However each testing program and treatment plan has to be tailored to individual goals and individual differences. For example a sports person may be prescribed specials herbs to increase endurance, nutrients to speed up recovery and a diet to maximize energy for competition. On the other hand someone looking to turn back the clock may be prescribed herbs to preserve telomere length (things in cells that shorten with age), nutrients for mental clarity and supplements to optimize hormone balance.

    This is why we clearly define your goals at the outset, so we can take you to where you want to go

  • After making an appointment and prior to your arrival, you will be sent a welcome pack that will contain all the details you will need to find us and take any preparatory steps for testing.

  • Prior to starting your wellness journey, you will be provided with an outline of indicative costs, with options. It may be that you can only afford one test. We will work with you to design the most effective plan to meet your budget.

  • You can find them here.