As an ex CEO myself, I am acutely aware of stress in the workplace, particularly at executive level. I wanted to be top of my game, with energy and a sharp mind. I also wanted an edge as a valued employer, having my team know that I cared about them and their health. In return, they went the extra mile for me.

The one interest that everyone has in common is his or her own health. People want to know their health status and things that they can do to improve it. The spin-off benefits of a healthy workforce are less absenteeism, more energy and improved performance.

We can design a wide range of packages to suit your situation, culture and budget. The following are three examples:

Case Study 1

In discussions with the CEO, he decided that he wanted to reach everyone in the organisation in a very short time. I designed an interactive lecture followed by specific testing. The day started with an informative, but humourous, two hour talk, covering lesser known aspects of everyday health including:

  • Health statistics relevant to their situation.
  • What our bodies were designed to eat – eating for maximum energy and performance.
  • Dispelling common myths about diet and health.
  • How to avoid the big four:  Heart attack, cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • How to beat depression.
  • The perfect breakfast ready in five minutes.

After the talk everyone went back to work, but over the next two days, individuals booked in for 20 minute slots where they were tested on a range of things including their biological age, they body composition, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and key body functions.

Case Study 2

The CEO wanted to give his executive team a meaningful Christmas present and I compiled a comprehensive bank of tests for the team.  The tests were conducted individually and confidentially.  Most of the executives were surprised at their low health status.  One who considered himself in good health was, on the basis of the program, referred for further testing and a serious condition was identified.

The CEO reported back that the testing had become a focus of conversation among the team, with the majority of people adopting the recommended lifestyle changes.

Case Study 3

I wrote to the chairman of the board of a leading entity, advising him as to how he could give his CEO a really meaningful bonus:  the gift of health.  I offered him two free tests to sample the quality of the tests that his CEO would experience.  He took up the offer and we conducted the tests, as described in the section headed ‘The Testing Process”.  He was delighted with the results and has remained as a client.  He gifted an individually designed plan to his CEO, who was likewise delighted.