If you have read the section under “Background”, you will be aware of the many toxins assaulting our bodies on a daily basis. The body has not evolved to deal with this level of toxins and as a last resort stores them in various parts of the body. As the toxic load grows, so too does the body’s risk of becoming unwell. In much the same way, environmental assaults can cause an imbalance of the gut flora, releasing toxins into the system. It is necessary to rid the body of these toxins and restore balance. The detoxification program is designed to do this safely. Traditional detoxification programs result in toxins being released from the body’s storage areas. However, unless these toxins are nullified and removed from the body safely, they can often just relocate to another part of the body, causing more harm. This program weeds out the toxins and bacteria, safely removing them from the body and restoring balance.

Case Study

Victor was 50 years old. He was suffering from a bloated stomach after meals, foggy thinking, headaches, some depression and just not feeling as well as he thought he should. His wife sent him to the clinic for a detoxification program, because she had just completed one and felt marvelous.  Some initial tests with Victor showed that his energy levels were very low. It was like his cells were on a “go slow”. In his case, going on to the detoxification program straight away, was not a wise choice. We had to build up his body’s energy levels to a point where they could actually function to detoxify his body. We worked with Victor for six weeks, building up his energy stores. He said that he felt a lot better and questioned the need for a detoxification program. Acting on our recommendation and his wife’s instruction, he completed the detoxification program. His energy levels rose further, his gut issues disappeared, as did his depression and foggy thinking. He felt great.

Note:  The detoxification program normally runs for six weeks.