So you are not sick but you may be experiences some unwanted symptoms, such as weight gain, lack of energy, foggy thinking or a variety of other unwanted symptoms. Alternatively you may feel fine, but want to enhance your wellness to feel even better, look better and perform better. You want to invest in your health and do everything you can to stay energized, active and well into your old age and avoid the diseases that come with age.

In the wellness program, we look at:

  • Nutritional deficiencies that may be affecting your bodies ability to function at an optimum levels.
  • Digestion and absorption ability to ensure you are able to extract the nutrients from food.
  • Parasites that may be detracting from your body’s ability to function properly.
  • Levels of Inflammation and oxidative stress and the impact it is having on your body.
  • Thyroid function and its impact on your energy levels and weight.
  • Stress and the impact it is having on your body.
  • Immune system function and your ability to beat off diseases now and in the future.
  • The state of your hormones and the impact of any deficiencies.
  • The functioning of your gut, which is at the foundation of wellness.
  • Your biological age verses your chronological age.
  • And much more.

The results from a mixture of complimentary tests and examinations gives us a good picture of your wellness status and from that we develop a treatment plan to optimise your wellness. Things like fatigue, infections, constipation, bloated stomach, acne, excess weight and a variety of conditions usually correct themselves as your wellness improves.

Case Study

Theresa was female, 32 years old, and was reasonably happy with her health. She was given the Wellness Program as a gift. At first she was a bit apprehensive and then got right into it. The tests showed some problem areas, which if left unchecked had the potential to develop into a range of conditions. She asked many questions, which was great.

Her definition of “reasonably happy with her heath” included constant bouts of constipation, bloating after most meals, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high homocystene, high CRP, PMT and a lack of libido.

In going through the tests, Theresa was particularly drawn to the live blood analysis, watching her blood cells on the screen and understanding what it all meant and how she could change them.

Theresa was keen to see if she could improve her health. Together, we worked out a plan that suited her lifestyle. Breakfast had to be easy and quick to prepare, lunch had to be bought and dinner reasonably easy as she hated cooking. She happily took the supplements. Together we agreed on each step of the plan.

Theresa did struggle with some aspects of the plan and we needed to tweak it to accommodate her. There were some things that she was not keen on, like exercise, but we developed a fun program and to her credit she stuck to it.

The results were pleasing. She looked great. She felt great. Her biological age went from 39 to 35. She lost 5 kilos and a dress size. More importantly all the markers that indicated a future problem came back into line. Her symptoms disappeared.