Ream’s Biological Theory of Ionization

Why guess, when you can be sure.

Dr. Carey Reams

At bewell, we provide a wide variety of health and wellness testing. Ideally you would have a variety of tests to test different aspect of your body wellness. However if you are only going to have one test to give an indication of your wellness status and what you can do about it, then we recommend the RBTI, because it gives so much information in so many areas.

What is RBTI?
“RBTI” is an abbreviation for “Reams Biological Theory of Ionization”, which was developed by Dr. Carey Reams, a mathematical and scientific genus. After much research he developed a formula for perfect health. In Dr. Carey’s words “If you want perfect health, then you have to know what perfect health is”. This formula reflects a body in perfect balance and any deviation from the ideal formula is a deviation from wellness. Dr. Realms devoted his life to working with people curing them of diseases that conventional medicine had given up on. RBTI was and continues to be a revolutionary method of detecting and correcting imbalances in the body.

What does RBTI involve?
You are required to give a sample of your urine and your saliva. Originally Realms tested a lot more body substances, including such things as blood, perspiration, lymph, stool, hair, fingernails, skin scrapings and ear wax, but he found much duplication and refined the samples to urine and saliva which provided a comprehensive picture of the body’s state of wellness.

How do I prepare for it?

  • Samples taken at least two hours after a meal. Drinking water prior to the test is fine.
  • Samples taken at least two hours after exercise.
  • If taking urine and saliva samples prior to coming to the clinic, ensure they are no more than 24 hours old. Ideally, the sample should be given at the clinic.

What happens to my samples?
A variety of tests are performed on the samples that you provide. Laboratory instruments such as a refractometer, a pH meter, and a conductivity meter are used to test different aspects of the samples. The samples are also subjected to various chemical reactions. These are interpreted in terms of how your body is functioning.

How do I get the samples to you?
The samples can be provided as part of a consultation, dropped in at your convenience or couriered to the clinic (we only test samples up to 24 hrs. old, for accuracy of results). Sample containers and forms can be uplifted from the clinic or can be posted out to you.

What information will the test provide?
The results of the test will give you information on sugar and oxygen levels in the blood, energy levels, the ability of your body to assimilate nutrients, hydration of the body, ability of the body to conduct electrical flows, efficiency of digestion, presence of parasite, and how your body is dealing with waste, toxicity levels and the

How do I know what to do to move towards the ideal balance?
You will get a full written report of several pages outlining your results, what they mean and a treatment plan. Specific advice will be given in terms of nutrients and lifestyle habits to match your individual needs.

Does RBTI cure illness?
I would invite you to search the net to see the amazing success stories linked with RBTI. There are stories of amazing cures, written by patients. Dr. Carey Realms has left a legacy that continues to bring wellness to people.

How much will it cost?
The cost of the test is $160. This includes everything you need to complete the test (excluding the cost of getting the samples to the clinic). If the test is being done in conjunction with a consultation, the price of the consultation is an additional charge. Follow up tests, if you wish to track your progress cost $85.00.

What other tests are available?
At the outset we recommended that if you were only going to have one test, then this would be it. However, there are other tests available that together give a fuller picture. These are part of a comprehensive package. In summary, they involve looking at fat to muscle ratios; biological aging verses chronological aging; live blood analysis where you see your blood cells in actions, giving you information about such things as allergies and antioxidant levels; metabolism rates, thyroid function and hormone deficiencies. We believe that the a comprehensive package of two to three consultations and a full range of testing provides the best results and value for money.