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Hmmm….big word.

I received a call, the other day, from a client who had just returned from the US.

“OMG Clive, you need to drop everything and explore something amazing:  Bioenergetics.  It is absolutely life-changing”.

Ron is an intelligent and well-informed client who is always looking for leading-edge health strategies.  It was lovely listening to him, expounding with passion, on the joys of bioenergetics.  And it does this, and this….  I listened silently.

“Well, he said are you going to explore it?”

“Ron, we have been using the bioenergetics science, NES software, MiHealth, affirmations, meditations, and infoceuticals for quite a while now”.

Silence…….”Really, can you do it all?”


“Well, why didn’t you tell me?”

“Actually, we did and your response was “I am an accountant, I do not believe in energy medicine, even if it does comes from the space program science stuff’”.

“I did happen to mention that it was FDA approved, used by doctors and health practitioners, and that energy was the basis of everything, but maybe you were not ready for it then”.

“Clive, you need to get a marketing manager”.

“Ron, I share your passion for this modality/therapy.  It is the foundation of my own health program.  We have seen spectacular results”

“Ron, paste this URL in your browser:

This will allow you to open an account and have access to a whole lot of free stuff.  I recommend you download the book and discover what biogenetics is all about.  Then if you want to continue your bioenergetics journey, we can organize it for you to do it from home or at the clinic.

“Clive, love the modality, but not sure I can continue to afford it, long term”.

“How much did you pay”

“Answer”……… Clive experiences heart palpitations.

“Ron, we are talking hundreds, not the thousands you paid”.

“Don’t tell my wife”.

If this article has perked your interest, and you would like to find out more about Bioenergetics, paste the above URL and learn about what is being described as the biggest advancement in wellness

Bioenergetics is a way of life.  If your energetics are right, well then, everything just works better.

AND now for Ron’s continuing journey……

We advised Ron to view bioenergetics as a wellness program, not a one-off scan.  The body’s needs are always changing, based on what it is exposed to by way of physical, mental and emotional insults, afforded by daily living and past traumas.  The planet is now more toxic than it has ever been, our food has the lowest nutritional value it has ever had and our bodies are exposed to more stress than they were designed for.  These insults are stored in layers in the body.

Ron has a heart condition and yet it did not come up in his early scans.  A lot of physical things associated with the heart did come up as well as emotional trauma.  The scan reads the body’s needs and what it is ready for at the time of the scan.  Now that we have dealt with peripheral issues, Ron’s scans are indicating a readiness for heart support.

Each scan recommends certain infoceuticials, which are energy imprinted liquids.  The infoceuticals balance the energy of the body.  They are made in the US and are imprinted using over 10,000 volts.  The scan also identifies energy blockages and recommends setting on a MiHealth device to remove these blockages.  In addition, it produces personalized affirmations and meditations.

Ron does everything.  His wife just does the NES scan and the infoceuticals.  Ron reports that he feels the best he has ever felt.  Ron’s wife reports the biggest improvement has been in her mood.  Everything just seems brighter and more joyful.

Prices range from $300 to $400 a month, depending on how much someone decides to do.

We believe that bioenergetics is the biggest leap in physical, mental, and emotional wellness.  We invite you to visit the website, read the book, watch the movies, read the research, and then decide for yourself.

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