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How Can Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Help You?

We are so busy with our lives that sometimes we overlook the really important stuff until it sneaks up and bites us.

Have you ever wondered what are the basics of life and health. The answer is oxygen, water, food, light spectrum, and the earth’s electro-magnetic field. Without these, we waste away. Without food you may live months, but without oxygen, trust me, avoid long-term investments.

As a species in pursuit of “progress”, we have managed to stuff up every one of these and the way we use them. This article focuses on oxygen.

So many people are chronically low in oxygen. So what? you may ask. Okay, don’t do this while driving or operating heavy machinery. Hold your breath for as long as you can. Did you get past 5 minutes? I suspect not. Your body automatically kicks in and makes you breath, because breath and oxygen are essential to life. Enough oxygen keeps you alive, ample oxygen gives you radiant health.

Low oxygen levels can impact adversely on almost every system in the body, directly and indirectly, leading to dis-ease.

HBOT increases oxygen levels and works at a foundation level. There are thousands of studies showing its healing impacts with: burns, anaemia, heart defects, asthma, lung disease, neurological disorders, nerve pain, headaches, muscle injury, radiation side-effects, enhancing chemotherapy and radiation, blocking harmful bacteria, reducing inflammation, connective tissue formation, collagen formation, strengthening the immune system, and exercise recovery and as part of an anti-aging protocol. Its most recent claim to fame was its success in China to combat Covid.

We have been conditioned to respond to disease instead of investing in wellness. HBOT should form part of a wellness program, thereby including all the benefits of oxygen therapy. It has even been proven to lengthen telomeres (reverse aging).

A common question is why do I need HBOT, when our ancestors managed without such treatments. The answer is simple. Our ancestors were able to breath unpolluted air and their bodies were not subjected to the multiple insults we are today.

HBOT increases oxygen levels in the body via a combination of pressurizing oxygen into the body, while breathing highly oxygenated air. This occurs inside a chamber and takes about an hour. It is not a one-off treatment and your goals will determine your HBOT program.

Not all HBOT chambers can claim the same results. Like most modalities, profit and greed rear their ugly heads and substandard equipment is made, capitalising on the results obtained by superior equipment. Most of the studies that showed health benefits were conducted at a pressure of 1.5 ATA, so why would you use less?

At bewell, we have had a series of HBOT machines providing treatments for a wide variety of clients. Maggie was one such client. She started her journey with us looking to reduce blood pressure, lose weight, normalise her disturbing blood results and feel better. At first she was sceptical about HBOT and followed some standard programs. When she reached her goals, she was keen to take her health to the next level. She enjoyed looking and feeling great and wanted more. We recommended HBOT for Maggie, but she wanted to go for gold and chose our WHAM program.

The WHAM program sits alongside a health diet and lifestyle program and addresses all the essentials of life: oxygen, water, food, light spectrum, and the earth’s electro-magnetic field.

The program consists of a combined session of HBOT, inhaling Brown’s gas, pulsed electro magnetic therapy (PEMF), drinking electrically expanded hydrogen/oxygen infused water and low-level laser therapy (LLLT). Maggie elected to add on an optional Brain Tap session. You can find out more about these treatments at this website, or ring us and ask for an electronic brochure.

The WHAM program takes about 90 minutes and consists of 45 mins in the HBOT chamber, then 20 minutes in the LLLT chamber, then a 15 minute session on the PEMT mat while breathing Brown’s gas, followed by drinking freshly prepared electrically expanded water. Maggie added on a 15-minute Brain Tap session, which is like a heavy-duty meditation session, facilitated by sounds and lights.

The WHAM program impacts on every system of the body including the immune system, detoxification system, endocrine system, digestive system, nervous system, respiratory system, and cardiovascular system.

Maggie being a consummate tester, wanted to measure her progress. All her markers improved and she reported looking, performing and feeling so much better.

I don’t know if you have noticed, but mechanics often drive unappealing cars and builders live in houses that need work. Hmmm, like this naturopath that really needs to make the time to get into one of my HBOT chambers.

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