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Alzheimer’s Disease Kills More People than Breast and Prostate Cancer Combined

Marge and Ernie arrived after an epic journey from way down South.  From the outset I could sense a devoted couple.  Marge did most of the talking.

Ernie was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.   They had been to everyone Marge could find without any real hope. Then Marge heard about our success with someone in her women’s group that had AD.

At our first meeting, Marge looked me straight in the eye and asked a really good question:

“What would you do if you were my husband?”

“Marge, I would do everything I could do to stop my memories, my dignity and my life being stolen from me.  Here is what that would look like.  I would carry out all the tests that look at the factors that cause AD.  It is not cheap.  Based on the results of those tests, I would design the most amazing program to not only stop AD, but also reverse it.  Then I would do it.  Not all AD is the same.  Different people need to do different things”

Marge gave me that look again.  “I am not prepared to lose him.  We have money and I want him back”

I assured Mage that most of the money would go to outside testing laboratories and not into my next high spec Toyota Yaris.   She smiled.

It was game on.  Ernie had high levels of heavy metals, was pre diabetic, had key nutrient deficiencies,  “bad” genes, high inflammation, poor methylation, high toxicity, poor digestion and some other stuff.

When I analysed the test results I got excited.  Here were, not only the causes of AD, but in my humble view, the answers to reversing it.  As I went through the results with Margie and Ernie I could see Marge getting despondent.

“Is any of this fixable”, she finally asked.

“Of course”  I replied, a little too loudly.

She smiled a wiry smile and said, “Let us begin”.

Ernie struggled for the first few weeks.  Gone was his morning tea of hot chocolate and angel cake.  At the four-week mark he rang to tell me that he had serious concerns that Whittaker’s may go bust unless he reinstated his nightly chocolate treat.  I assured him that Whittaker’s could be fine.

Six months down the track, Ernie had improved on 3 of the six domains we test for brain function.   Many of his physical markers had improved.

It is not just about tests and markers.  Ernie is recognising his grandchildren.  He is no longer urinating in the closet.  He is doing chores around the house.   He remembers stuff.  Ernie is coming back

Yesterday we had a call “Hello I am from ……..  My wife has AD can you please do what you did for Ernie.


Epilogue:  Ernie has turned into a brain and body health zealot.  The changes he and Margie had implemented to improve his brain function have also yielded significant improvements in physical health for both of them.  They have recommenced activities that they had to stop doing because they just were not able.

Very cool.

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