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Who Was Carey Reams… And Why Should You Care?

Dr Carey Reams was a brilliant scientist, biochemist and nutritionist, who was fascinated by the health of all living things. He worked with the Dr Einstein: two very smart dudes.

Dr Reams has provided us with a scientifically validated test for measuring what is going on in the human body. In the words of Reams “Why guess, when you can be sure?”

Over many years, Dr Reams conducted countless tests on saliva, urine, faeces, mucous, earwax, sweat and tears. He measured refractory levels, conductivity, pH, salt readings, sugar metabolism, toxicity, digestion and absorption of nutrients, and most importantly the relationship between them all. Dr Reams was able to work out optimum levels for the various areas tested, based on a complex formulae.

In practice, he conducted the above tests on the patient’s body fluids and measured deviations from optimum levels. This would allow him to gauge the patient’s current health status. From there, he would develop a treatment plan to move the patient closer to wellness, using diet, lifestyle, exercise and nutrients. The patient could monitor his/her return to wellness based on subsequent testing.

Dr Reams found that if the body could be brought back to a biological norm, then it could begin to generate energy to heal itself. He was meticulous in his use of nutrients, identifying over 30 different types of calcium and their impact on the body. Dr Reams used his test to not only heal the “unhealable”, but also to help people maintain optimum health.

Over the years Reams perfected his testing protocols to the point where just urine and saliva gave an accurate overall reading of the patient’s health status. Reams’s record with chronic disease was nothing short of astounding. He was curing diseases that were considered incurable, both in his time and now.

Reams operated outside the bounds of conservative medicine of the time. As a result, he was arrested several times. On each occasion he was released based on his loyal following, his amazing results and his ability to validate his testing.

Ream’s test is called the RBTI (Reams Biological Theory of Ionisation). It is an excellent tool for measuring current health status and measuring the return to optimum health.

A few loyal students carried on Reams teachings. The RBTI test in its original form is offered by the bewell clinic. We also formulate the original mineral recipes used by Reams.

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