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Don’t Let Rheumatoid Arthritis Ruin Your Life

Arthritis is now the leading cause of disability in the U.S. There are many forms of arthritis. This article focuses on rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Do you have a dragon child?

We all love our children. How could we not? Yet do you have a child who really tests you, someone whose temper tantrums go from 0 to 100 in a flash. I did and that started my search for a biochemical solution to a behavioural problem. That’s when I discovered kryptopylorria (pyroluria).

Clean, green, healthy New Zealand… Not.

Besides leading the world in rugby, New Zealand can claim some other extraordinary achievements.


“Can I please have a burger, fries, one jock itch, two vaginal thrushes, one athlete’s foot, one skin rash, Oh! and four fungal toenails please”.

Anxiety Attacks – A Good Mechanism Gone Wrong

We were in our favourite Japanese restaurant having our favourite gluten free lunchboxes. We were chewing on edamame and supping miso in anticipation of the main event. The family were in fine form bantering with each other.

‘I think I’m in pretty good health’ – Really?

I have all my prospective clients fill out an online questionnaire. This allows me to plan the consultation in terms of areas to explore and what tests to conduct. It amazes me the contrast between what people are experiencing and how they view their health.

What Exactly Is Energy Medicine and What Can It Do For You?

If you had mentioned energy medicine to me ten years ago, I would have smiled politely on the outside and fixed my “Ag ha” look. On the inside, I would have been planning my PhD, and making a mental note to take you off my Facebook and Christmas list.

The Ten Commandments of Good Health

“Master, what is the path to good health”.

Fighting Cancer

Last weekend I watched the webinar “The Truth About Cancer”. I watched doctor and oncologist validate what integrated practitioners have been saying for years. It revealed some shocking facts:

Anyone For Heavy Metals?

I can remember a time when heavy metal toxicity (HMT) was a place of last resort:  you tried everything else and then you went there to try and find the elusive results. 

Never….Never…. Never…. Ever, Ever Give Up

The story goes that Winston Churchill went back to his old school to give an address. By way of introduction the Headmaster said “Listen carefully lads, you are about to hear from one of the greatest men of our time”.

But, It is Only Pimples…………

Beth was 16 years old and for her, it wasn’t a case of “only pimples”. It was a major disaster in her life. She explained how the kids at school made fun of her, she felt excluded and hated her the nickname of “pizza face”.

Fighting Cancer

Last weekend I watched the webinar “The Truth About Cancer”. I watched doctors and oncologists validate what integrated practitioners have been saying for years. It revisited some shocking facts:

But I diet and I exercise and I still Cannot Lose Weight

Susan was a CEO of a fairly large company.   She was ambitious, driven, and successful. She was used to getting what she wanted and was understandably peeved that she could not reach her ideal weight.

“But My Doctor Says That My Thyroid Is Fine”

If I had a dollar for every time I heard that, I would be dictating this by a beach, from a much warmer place, sipping on a cocktail.

The Missing Link – Amalgam Fillings

“I have been to heaps of doctors, lots of natural therapists and everyone else I can think of. No one seems to be able to fix me and I am sick of feeling like this”.

Would You Like More Energy?

Do you bounce out of bed in the morning, energized, hungry for the challenges of the day OR do you crawl out, hunt out the coffee, a starchy and sugary something and push yourself into the day, with moments of energy and motivation, as the day unfolds? Do you find yourself increasingly tired, lacking motivation, and snapping at the kids? If the latter, this is not how it is supposed to be.

Colds and Flu are Invaders. Here is How to Fight Them

Note: This article was written for ENJO (


Mary was a 29 year old, mother of two.  Prior to the birth of her second child, the world was a nice place.  She ran, she swam, she enjoyed her career, and her first child brought even more fulfilment to her already full life, with her husband Tom.  After the birth of her second child (substitute glandular fever, death of a loved one, other major stress) everything went to mush.

Depression: That Dark Place of Despair

I was standing in the queue at the supermarket, with my harvest of salmon and a fine pinot noir (it’s okay, its got resveratrol in it and I am having it with organic vegetables from my garden), when a woman came up to me and said, “You’re that naturopath from Eastlife aren’t you?”  “Gosh, I thought, I have made it.  Is this what happens to Brad (Pitt)?”  While I was basking in momentary glory, the crunchy question came:  “My husband suffers from depression.  How would you fix it with natural medicine?”   Right, your standard supermarket conversation.