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Never….Never…. Never…. Ever, Ever Give Up

The story goes that Winston Churchill went back to his old school to give an address. By way of introduction the Headmaster said “Listen carefully lads, you are about to hear from one of the greatest men of our time”.

Churchill approached the podium. There was a hushed silence. Eventually he broke it, “Never…..never…..never, ever, ever give up”. Then he sat down.

This is the secret of outrageous success, happiness, and health.

Giving up is easy. You go to the doctor, you do the tests, the results help little. You take the drug. You go to another doctor, more drugs. You go to another doctor, but this time it is not about your body, it is about your mind, so different drugs to help your “depression”. So you try this practitioner and that. Eventually you accept that there is no cure and that you are stuck with your condition. You give up. If you listen carefully you will hear an almighty moan from your body, because it hasn’t given up. It will fight to the death to serve you.

The body is a self-healing mechanism. It is truly amazing. Nothing else can do this. The only thing stopping it doing this is you giving up too soon.

Pick any condition. I pick migraines, because it is where two bodies just had victories.   I get many “migrainers”. There are many causes of migraines. You start with the most obvious causes. The bulk of the cases are resolved here. Some are more difficult and you have to keep working through the tests and possibilities.

With three recent cases, it took a lot longer than usual. With one it turned out to be a genetic defect, with an inability to convert a particular vitamin into a useable form and when we gave the body the activated form….whammo – paydirt. 18 years of migraines gone.

With another, I suspected a lithium deficiency. “Nah Clive, been there already and it did nothing”

“What sort of lithium was used?”

“I have no idea”

“Well try this form. You have come this far, what is there to lose”

Whammo – paydirt. 10 years of migraines gone.

The third gave up on me. That is absolutely fine, as long as he did not give up. I pray he kept going and achieved his goal.

This is not about migraines. It is about not giving up. It is about realising your destiny, your potential. Your practitioners may give up. You may give up. Your body will never give up.


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