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I am Not Doing the Big C – Any More

I thought it might be useful to get a perspective on disease from the most important person in the process. I have asked one of my clients to write about her journey.

Ops! I Appear to Have Misplaced My Hormones

Let us start with what they are.  Hormones are chemical messengers that usually originate in one place and cause an effect in another.   Hormones are the orchestra that play the music of the body.  When the orchestra is in sync, the world is a wonderful place.  Hormones wake you up and put you to sleep, they control your metabolism, they make you function, they keep you manly and womanly, they are fundamental to procreation and unfortunately when out of balance, they age you

How Much Toxic Material Are You Carrying In Your Body?

Would you carry around a cocktail of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, toxic heavy metals, bad bugs, putrefying material and encrusted undigested food in your pocket. Probably not, yet this is exactly what we do with our bodies.

Being the Best That You Can Be

If you were travelling from Auckland to Wellington, would you choose the latest Ferrari or a 1974 Skoda. Hmmm, let me think. Yet when it comes to what we choose to move our brain and organs around in, so many of us choose the Skoda. Up to 65% of our population is either overweight or obese. It is not just about how we look, it is abut how we feel. So many people have to drag themselves out of bed in the morning and keep themselves going through the day with shots of caffeine and sugar.

Turning Back the Clock To a Younger You

Have you ever wondered why your 75-year-old uncle is in a rest home, on a cocktail of medications and needing help with dressing, toileting and remembering who visitors are, while a 95-year-old man in Okinawa is a perfect reversal of the picture: mentally and physically active, having great sex, possessing a zest for life and freedom from disease, disability and pain.  Genetics? Not really. When it comes to how we age, genes play a very small part.

Alzheimer’s – The Silent Thief That Robs Your Mind

Imagine this, you are sitting in the rest home with your mother. She has a vacant look. She does not know who you are. You are there for your weekly visit, a visit driven by love, but also duty. Your mind tussles with the commitment of time spent with someone who does not know you verses the time you should/could be spending with your own children.