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The Ten Commandments of Good Health

“Master, what is the path to good health”.

“Why do you ask Grasshopper?”.

“Because I see so many people around us unwell, sick and dying, It grieves me Master”.

“Grasshopper, our bodies were meant to live in a certain way. The further we stray from that path, the sicker we become. Some people get sicker faster and more deeply, but it all comes from moving away from how we have evolved to live”.

“So Master, what is the path to good health”.

“Grasshopper, I can tell you the path to good health. Alas, knowing it is not enough. You have to want it enough.  Here are the commandments of good health”.

  1. Sleep well and wake refreshed. When you sleep you repair and balance. This is the purpose of sleep. You have to repair and balance for each new day.
  2. Digest and absorb your food. Most people put food and supplements in their mouth, but only part of them gets used, because they do not have enough stomach acid or stomach enzymes to digest the food or supplements. Heal and nurture your gut. It is where all the action happens.
  3. Put good things in your mouth. Eat real food. Things that your body needs, not that just taste nice. Life is to be enjoyed, but not at the expense of death.
  4. Find your body’s deficiencies. We are all different. Find out what it is that your body needs that it is not getting. In this time of depleted soil and toxins, sadly, we all have deficiencies.
  5. Find your weakest parts. You are only as strong as your weakest parts. Find them and fix them. A strong heart, a quick brain can be undone with a dysfunctional thyroid.
  6. Get rid of parasites, bad bugs and fungi. They will steal your nutrients and put toxins in your body
  7. Enjoy your life. This is how it is meant to be. Unhappiness, stress and anger will kill you as surely as an arrow through the heart.
  8. Move as you were meant to move. Our bodies were designed to exercise. It does everything from turning on good genes to cleaning cell receptors.

“Master what are cell……”

“Shut up Grasshopper, I am on a roll”.

  1. Reduce the toxins entering your body: food additives, chemicals, pesticides, and so much more.
  2. Focus on what is truly important in life: loving someone/something that is more important than you, looking forward to things both short and long term, being of service to others and following your great dream.

“Master, is this like the ten commandments of health”

“No, Grasshopper, shut up your face. I haven’t finished”

  1. Be as great as you were meant to be. Most of us live our lives, busy being busy. We settle for second best. Listen to your little voice. We all have one. Be as great as you were destined to be.

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