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‘I think I’m in pretty good health’ – Really?

I have all my prospective clients fill out an online questionnaire. This allows me to plan the consultation in terms of areas to explore and what tests to conduct. It amazes me the contrast between what people are experiencing and how they view their health.

Susan was a classic example. She was a 39 year old working mum, who wanted to have a baby. She had been through fertility clinics and various protocols. I took a full case history and Susan felt that she was in pretty good all round health . Hmmm…

‘What about these headaches, how often do you get them?’

‘I note that you sometimes suffer from constipation.’

‘Tell me some more about this foggy thinking.’

‘What do you think causes the bloated belly?’

‘I see you are getting thee colds a year.’

‘How long have you had soft nails?’

To my mind, what Susan thought was pretty good health was anything but. This is not how a healthy body is supposed to be. None of the above symptoms should be ignored. Perhaps, it is your body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong, deep down, and needs fixing.

We ran some standard tests with Susan. We found she has high levels of inflammation, was lacking in some key nutrients, had high levels of toxicity, her digestion and absorption of food were being compromised and she was chronically dehydrated. This does not equal ‘pretty good health.’

The body is infinitely clever. It is a self-healing mechanism, but it needs certain conditions and raw materials to do what it does best. It also has an innate protection mechanism and no matter how much you may want something, if the body is not right, it just will not happen.

The first hurdle was convincing Susan that the symptoms she was experiencing were not normal. It was a state of disease and ill health.

We put Susan on a programme of supplements, diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. We took out the bad stuff and put in the good stuff. She was well motivated because her biological clock was ticking.

At the four-week mark we ran some more tests and they showed the body was responding well. At the six-week mark, Susan said that she was feeling great, with many of her symptoms having completely disappeared.

Susan’s full story appears on our website, but it is not really a story about Susan or conception. It is a story about feeling good, not accepting niggling symptoms as normal, and beating chronic illnesses that are now a norm in our society.

At bewell, we make you the best that you can be.

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