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What Exactly Is Energy Medicine and What Can It Do For You?

If you had mentioned energy medicine to me ten years ago, I would have smiled politely on the outside and fixed my “Ag ha” look. On the inside, I would have been planning my PhD, and making a mental note to take you off my Facebook and Christmas list.

I used to be totally grounded in science. Double bind, placebo, control studies and I were best buddies. I could mix it with the best, quoting studies and counter studies. Every now and then I would listen to someone talk about energy medicine, just for a chuckle. Over time, I stopped chuckling. I am impressed by results and energy medicine was delivering them.

In life, when you reach these challenge points, you can try and discredit what you do not understand or you can try and understand it. To do this, you have to take your ego into the back yard and bury it and then come back and have a good look at the evidence. The evidence is compelling.

Energy medicine has featured since the beginning of man. We just managed to find reasons to ignore the evidence of some of the greatest cultures that worked with it. When it comes down to it, how could it be possible for a half clothed Indian gentleman or a bald headed Chinaman to know more than one of our illustrious orthodox practitioners?

The space program recognised the value of energy medicine in monitoring the health of astronauts. The Russians and NASSA married technology and energy medicine. The Germans took this technology and turned it into some of the most sophisticated scanning health equipment available.

So what is energy medicine? It is based on the premise that energy is the foundation of life and health. This energy can be measured.

Sophisticated equipment is now available to measure energy in all its forms. In the same way, energy can be measured in different parts of the body. After millions of tests, normal energy readings have been established for the different organs, muscles, tissues, etc. for different ages, genders and conditions.

The client is scanned and deviations from the norm are displayed….. Sounds whacky? Well it gets even wackier.

If energy is low in some part of the body, then this is the foundation of dis-ease. These energy deficits and the reasons for them can be identified.

Everything has an energy reading including parasites, bacteria, toxins, disease, everything. These can be compared against the client’s scan to see if they are an issue for the client.

All energy medicine scanning equipment is not created equal. Some are better than others. Over 5,000 doctors in Europe use the ETA scan. This scan is the scan of choice in Chinese hospitals. This is the same scan we use at bewell.

I love ETA. I love it because it is marriage of science and nature. It provides an insight into client health like no other tool that I am aware of. It addition to identifying toxins, deficiencies, microorganisms and suboptimum functioning, it can also highlight disease progression giving a glimpse of what is to come.

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