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The Missing Link – Amalgam Fillings

“I have been to heaps of doctors, lots of natural therapists and everyone else I can think of. No one seems to be able to fix me and I am sick of feeling like this”.

These were the first words that Margaret said to me. I could she was sick and tired of being sick and tired, but I also knew I only had a small window of opportunity to make her better, before she flitted off to the next potential ray of hope practitioner.

She was on medications for an underactive thyroid, depression, anxiety, high cholesterol, reflux and pain. I went through her barrage of tests from a plethora of doctors. She was also taking heaps of supplements, prescribed by a chain of natural health practitioners. She was doing everything. Apparently more is good.

I ran my own tests. Finding what is wrong with someone is nothing more than detective work. You need to identify the clues, piece them together and finally you need to nail the bad guys. Hercule Poirot would have been a magnificent naturopath.

In hindsight, the answer was staring me in the face, but at the time, it was a needle in the haystack. Margaret was taking high quality supplements, yet she was still deficient in key nutrients. She had an underactive thyroid; unbalanced hormones; brain fog; candida; and was low in key neurotransmitters.

I was mulling over her case in the bath one night, when suddenly it clicked “Eureka! Mercury toxicity!”

A hurried phone call revealed that Margaret had omitted to mention that she had her amalgams removed, some years before. Her dentist had removed them without the necessary protocols. I suspected a massive infusion of mercury into her brain and body during the procedure.

Mercury blocks certain nutrients getting into cells. Without these key nutrients, the thyroid will be affected, cholesterol will not metabolise to make a symphony of hormones, stomach acid cannot be produced in sufficient amounts, the body cannot make happy neurotransmitters and on it goes.

I couldn’t wait to see Margaret again. We energy tested her and mercury came up positive plus. Then we lab tested her and eureka! Her mercury levels were through the roof.

Mercury is an insidious substance. Apparently there are only two safe places to keep mercury. One is in a thermal flask, with damper material, in a vaporized cabinet, in a lab. The other is in your mouth. Just think about that.

Just a few years ago when I was a bushy tailed student (older student) doing my post grad work, one of the things I looked for was the profession that had the highest rates of depression and suicide. It was dentists. So will someone tell me why one of the richest professions would be sad enough to commit suicide. Allow me a moment of bad taste. My Porsche is in the driveway, my gorgeous family is in the house, I am lying by the swimming pool, but what the heck, I think that I will just go and end my life…not.

I remember going to my dentist some years ago and questioning the safety of amalgam fillings. She provided me with a folio of data to assure me how safe amalgams were. She got somewhat annoyed when I declined her kind offer of an amalgam filling.

Okay, here are a couple of things I think you should watch if you have come this far. A cautionary note to not try this at home.

I am seeing more and more people in the clinic with mercury toxicity. Not all of them have amalgam fillings. Amalgam fillings used to be the number 1 cause of mercury toxicity, now various studies are pointing to the in vitro passing of mercury from mother to child, the role of vaccinations, contraceptive pills and contact lens solutions.

Now back to Margaret. I worked with her, first to give her body what it needed, and then we optimized her detoxification pathways. We next dispatched the unwelcome population of parasites, fungi and “bad” bacteria in her body. Finally we upped the anti with the mercury. We used a combination of programs to first release the mercury from the fat in the body and then tie it up and flush it out so that it could not go and lodge in more dangerous places.

The journey took a full twelve months, but the transformation along the way was a treat to witness. She went from being the client who couldn’t remember the day of her appointment or whether she had taken her supplements, to her former self: one very sharp lady.

I am not overly religious, but I do believe that Margaret and I connected for a reason. I was a stepping-stone in a pond to take her to where she needed to go and what an amazing transformation occurred. It was a privilege to be part of it

Margaret’s new man came to see me the other day. He didn’t look like he wanted to be there. His first words were “Margaret said that I had to come and see you”.

Warning: I strongly advise against just having your amalgams removed, unless the proper protocol is used. In my experience the removal of amalgams without an approved protocol can cause a massive release of mercury, which can go straight into the brain and body.

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