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Could Heavy Metals Be Driving Your Health Problems?

Colleen was one of our “difficult “ clients.

When she first came to us, she was on a cocktail of drugs for blood pressure, thyroid, mood, cholesterol, sleep and hormones. She complained of low energy, being fat and feeling yuk.

After carrying out a series of tests, we established that Colleen was low in key nutrients, had high levels of toxicity and high levels of inflammation.

Over the next few months we got some pleasing progress. We found that her “thyroid problem” was no more than a lack of iron, zinc, selenium and iodine. Her mood and sleep issues were being driven by her body’s inability to make the right chemicals.

As we worked through the various issues, we ticked off a number of thinks on her wish list. She was pleased with her results, but we had not resolved her autoimmune condition. Colleen was prepared to accept her medical diagnosis that it was there for life. She was on her own with that view.

You have to wonder why your own immune system, whose job it is to protect you, would turn on you and start attacking you. It just does not make sense. Something has to happen to create this unnatural state.

After a few months, Colleen was still deficient in nutrients, even though we had addressed key issues and she was still taking supplements. Co-incidentally, the nutrients that she was lacking were the same ones that could be blocked by heavy metals.

Heavy metal toxicity made sense. Heavy metals lodge themselves in cell receptors and block the nutrients getting into the cell, via the cell receptors. The cells are where the nutrients make things happen. Some of Colleen’s blood tests showed that she was high in these same nutrients. Now, think about that. If the nutrients can’t get into the cells, then there will be a build-up in the blood and this may give a high blood reading, when the reality is there is a deficiency.

Let us go back to your best friend for a moment. Your immune system exists to serve you. It would never attack you unless something went wrong. How about this for something going wrong? If you have heavy metal toxicity, the immune system may try to attack the heavy metals. Even though your immune system cannot “kill” a heavy metal, it will give it a darn good go. In the process it will damage the surrounding tissue, which equates to the immune system attacking you, which equates to an autoimmune condition.

We had initially suggested a heavy metal test, based on Colleen’s silver fillings, but the extra $120 was a bit more than she could afford at the time.

Colleen agreed to do the test and Whamo! We found a major issue that had been driving the bulk of her complaints. Colleen had extremely high levels of mercury toxicity. The mercury was blocking key vitamins and minerals from getting into her cells and making the magic happen. You need key nutrients to make your hormones and neurotransmitters. Without them the body cannot work effectively. It had probably also sparked her autoimmune condition.

We changed Colleen’s plan to incorporate a heavy metal detoxification program. It was a slow process, but we shattered the glass ceiling and Colleen reached her full potential.

If you have a thyroid, hormonal, autoimmune, or other chronic disease, look beyond symptomatic relief and patch ups. Look for the underlying cause. For Colleen and a growing number of people, heavy metals is that cause.

For more information on accurate and safe heavy metal testing, please contact us.

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