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Beating Cancer Naturally is Bloody Hard

I was at one of those highfalutin events, where men that look like penguins bring champers that taste different to my $10 supermarket specials. Beautiful women, that do not feel the cold, bring around platters of food that I do not recognise as food.

My host was a grateful client. I tried to decline the very kind offer, but it all got to hard, so I just agreed……… Mistake.

I found myself in a group of people who clearly knew a great deal about health. I listened attentively as one woman described her liposuction. Not to be outdone, another woman described her breast reconstruction and something else that I cannot mention.  Looking at her closely I could tell that she had omitted the Botox and tattooed eyebrows.

The question I had been dreading arrived. “Oh, and what do you do?”.

I seriously considered responding that I was a nuclear physicist, working undercover for NASA, but decided to settle for honesty.

“I am a naturopath”.

There was an awkward silence, much like one that comes when you announce to your parents that you are gay. Madam Botox broke the silence by saying that she had know someone with cancer who had done the natural thing and died. Ms Lipo quickly followed that yes, she also knew someone who had stopped eating sugar and started juicing and still died. Mr “I am a walking health risk” chirped in that he had known someone with cancer who had done enemas and still died.

I felt that I needed to defend natural medicine, but instead diverted the conversation to the weather.

The success rate for conventional medicine is abysmal. That is why more and more people are turning to natural medicine. BUT, but, if you choose the natural medicine route, you do have to do it properly.

Cancer likes toxicity, inflammation, a particular environment, its own food supply, a compromised immune system and so much more. There are a lot of things that it doesn’t like, such as an oxygenated environment, specific alkalinity, heat and lots more. Once it gets a foothold, it is not just about tinkering here and there. It is a war on all fronts. All the things that cancer needs have to be taken away and all the things that fight cancer have to be in place. A little bit of this and a little bit of that may fluke it in some cases, but life is more than a fluke.

I get so happy when I hear that someone has decided to work with the gifts that they have been given, instead of slay, burn and poison. I get devastated when I hear that they are tinkering around the edges and not only robbing themselves of what can be, but giving more cannon fodder for dinner parties.

A natural program to fight cancer is an all day, every day event. It starts in the morning with affirmations, tai chi, enemas, ozone treatments, and juicing. Various treatments occur throughout the day including time on a PMT machine, inside a hyperbaric chamber, hyperthermia treatments, ETA treatments and much more. Meals are carefully designed to suit the individual’s body, not their taste buds. Fluffy stuff like meditation is a must, but there is so much technology available to help get you in the zone. All the natural things are important from enough water to the right frequencies and voltages.

To make things even harder, there are no government subsidies, as there are for surgery, chemo and radiation.

At the risk of seeming heartless, you got your body into this shitty place, now give your body what it needs and take away what is annoying it and watch the magic happen.

Beating cancer naturally is not easy. It is bloody hard.

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