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“So, What Are You Doing To Make Sure That The ………….. Does Not Come Back Again?

Fill in the gap with any condition you like: cancer, heart attack, diabetes (yes, Type 2 diabetes can be reversed), lupus and on it goes.

Something caused your condition to occur. If you do not change that something, what do you think the chances are of the condition happening again?

Okay, now for a quick look at “Epigenetics 101”. We are all born with a variety of genes inherited from our parents. Among those genes is the coding for a whole lot of stuff from eye colour to height.

Unfortunately, also in there are things called “genetic predispositions”. This means you may have a predisposition or be susceptible to a certain condition/disease. Now the really cool bit is that just because you have a “predisposition” doesn’t mean you will get the condition/disease. You have to switch on the gene to get it.

If you are still with me, you should be wondering how you switch on the gene. Usually something in the environment does this. It could be toxins, chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, and other nasties. It could also be your lifestyle: a poor diet, poor living choices, lack of exercise, etc.

Just because your mother, your mother’s mother and her mother had breast cancer does not mean that you have to get it.

Have you every wondered how someone like Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones does not get every diseases know to man? He has broken every single “good health” rule and still parties on. The answer lies in his genetic predisposition. He is in a sense “bullet proof “because he probably does have the genetic predispositions for the major diseases.

Have you wondered why the rate of disease is increasing at an alarming rate? As we move away from healthy living and more towards junk food, use of chemical and minimal exercise, we are switching on more and more disease genes.

I guess the next question is what can you do about it? Currently, we do not do much. We wait until the condition develops and then reach for a cut, burn and drug solution. We continue our lifestyle until the next episode or a slightly different episode. How many people do you know that were given a second chance, changed nothing and then got sick again

At bewell we look for the underlying causes of disease with a series of individualised tests. We then work out a plan to prevent genes being expressed or to silence the genes.

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