If you have read the section on Causes of Disease, you will have an understanding of how this path is different to the conventional approach. For example, if you are suffering from migraines, the conventional approach will be to give you drugs to control the pain. Research has shown that migraines have a multitude of causes, including hormone imbalance, neurotransmitter imbalance, digestive issues, malfunction at a cellular level and mineral imbalances. Taking the drugs may well assist with controlling the pain, but will it get to the root of the problem? No, and there will invariably be side effects. At bewell, we investigate the root issues and addresses them in a natural and holistic way.

Alternatively, you may be in average or good health and you seek to improve it and avoid the diseases discussed. You will only be as well as your weakest link. For example, you may be eating a healthy diet, exercising, sleeping well and doing everything right, but a single exposure to a heavy metal, such as mercury from a broken thermometer or from fillings in your mouth, could be driving you down the path of dis-ease.

You may just want to retain your youthful looks or turn back the clock in terms of how you look, feel and perform. Again, the choice is yours, you can take the path of lotions, creams, Botox, laser surgery and plastic surgery to create beauty externally or work with your body to create beauty from the inside. Some people pursue both paths and this is their choice.

You may want to maximize your sporting potential or the time you spend on your fitness program. You can increase your fat loss, increase energy for training and increase your endurance. There are nutrients and herbs that have been proven to do this.

The programs offered at bewell includes a large number of questionnaires and tests to measure the wellness of various systems and bodily functions. This provides a basis for determining your current wellness and the path to maximizing your potential wellness. They also provide a benchmark for the future.

If you want a one session, quick fix, we can do that and give you a natural alternative to many drugs, but we advise treating underlying causes rather than symptoms. We strongly recommend the generic wellness program or one of the specific programs to achieve your health goals. In the wellness program, there are a minimum of two sessions, interspersed with tests and analysis of results, culminating in a treatment/wellness plan. Yes, you can just have one off tests, but remember you will only be as good as your weakest link and the program is designed to look at you as a whole.

The testing protocols used are backed with scientific research and fully backed by reputable research companies, who will provide second opinions and alternatives.

This health pathway is inclusive seeking to include health professionals of your choice. Your GP should play a role, particularly if serious conditions are identified.