The goal of achieving wellness is simple but getting there can be difficult. We work with you to do one or more of four things:

  • Maximize your wellness potential.
  • Turning back the clock biologically.
  • Working with difficult, hard to treat conditions.
  • Maximizing your performance.

This is a different concept of wellness. It is not about waiting to get unwell, it is about finding out your current wellness status and what you can do to maximise it. Over a dozen scientifically validated and innovative tests give a true indication of your current state of wellness, including your biological age, how different parts of your body are functioning, levels of inflammation, absorption of nutrients, levels of toxicity, your body’s ability to digest and eliminate and much more. The test results provide the basis for a treatment plan to address your body’s weak spots and maximise your wellness. This is wellness and anti ageing from the inside out. You will look and feel younger. If you are suffering from a specific condition, the causes underlying the symptoms are identified and addressed, allowing your body to heal itself and bring about wellness.

How many people do you know who have died suddenly of a heart attack or more slowly of cancer or who have suffered from a chronic condition. Many of these people once thought that they were “healthy” and it couldn’t happen to them and yet it did. The tragedy is not only in their loss of life or health but in the toll it takes on those around them. Yet, the signs of disease were present in their bodies long before they manifested as a disease. They just never took the time to look for them.

Have you wondered why today, when we are spending more on heath-care than ever before, we are the sickest we have been in the history of our species. This website will explain the causes of disease; the shocking state of our health, particularly here in NZ; and what you can do about it.

The best investment you can make is not in shares or property or gold. It is in your wellness. Your wellness status will determine how you approach life, how you feel, the quality of your relationships, how you perform, how you age and your impact on the world. bewell is not just about the absence of disease and getting through the day. It is about abundant health, boundless energy, zest for living and enjoyment of life.

This website contains information of the variety of services and programs offered and their pricing. I would encourage you to read the the other articles in this section. They contains some disturbing statistics and health predictions, their causes and why they will continue to rise. You are part of these statistics. It also explains why more and more our health system is failing to address your health, with its focus on disease and a drug response to symptoms.

Welcome on a journey that will maximise your wellness potential, but be warned, this is not a quick fix of symptoms. It is a full analysis of your wellness status, based on a wide range of tests and the development of an individualized plan to take your body to its full wellness potential.